Along with the Sustainable Development Act and its 16 principles and the governmental strategy on sustainable development 2015-2020, Biofilia has chosen the sustainable development path in order to become the number one supplier for its clients. This commitment towards sustainable development allows Biofilia to support its clients in the development of sustainable projects and to facilitate their evaluation by the governmental authorities.

A strategic approach to sustainable development

Professionals at Biofilia support and advise their clients in the strategic planning and execution of a wide range of projects. Strategic, innovative and efficient solutions are proposed while balancing economic, environmental and social considerations. This approach is rooted within the sustainable development principles and is aimed at designing each project in a framework that allows for the protection of both the natural environment and the community life.

Biofilia links your project with the receiving community and help with the management of impacts in the following sequence:  Avoid > Minimize > Mitigate > Restore > Compensate > Monitor > Follow.

Biofilia applies the 16 principles of sustainable development

  1. Prevention
  2. Precaution
  3. Subsidiarity
  4. Polluter pays
  5. Economic efficiency
  6. Access to knowledge
  7. Internalization of costs
  8. Environmental protection
  9. Biodiversity preservation
  10. Health and quality of life
  11. Participation and commitment
  12. Social equity and solidarity
  13. Protection of cultural heritage
  14. Responsible production and consumption
  15. Respect for ecosystem support capacity
  16. Inter-governmental partnership and cooperation

(Sustainable Development Act– Gouvernement du Québec)